Tutorial - Swap Token

New to 12Swap? No problem! We have prepared a user-friendly all-in-one tutorial to assist you in initiating swaps on our platform. In this example, we will walk you through the process.
  1. 1.
    On the 12Swap landing page here click the "Launch App" button in the top right corner.
  1. 2.
    Then click on "Connect Wallet";
  1. 3.
    Choose the wallet on the pop-up window (Metamask, for example);
  1. 4.
    Then, on the pop-up wallet window, click the "Unlock" button and type in your password to connect your wallet to the 12Swap platform;
  1. 5.
    In the next window, you can face the switching to a default source chain request. The default chain is Ethereum. So, click the "Switch network" button. Later, you have to confirm each chain switch in your wallet;
  1. 6.
    In the next step, you can choose a source and destination chain. Assuming you want to cross-swap from BNB Smart Chain to Polygon, select Polygon in "You buy" dropbox and BNB Smart Chain in "You sell" dropbox;
  1. 7.
    Choose the token you want to swap from the token dropdown list in the "You sell" section, then enter the amount you want. Let's assume you want to trade 0.2 BNB. Make sure you have sufficient balance of native token of the source chain left for your gas fee, BNB in this case;
  1. 8.
    Then, choose the token you want to trade to in the "You buy" section. Let's assume you want to get UCDC in BNB Smart Chain. You will see the estimated amount you will get;
  1. 9.
    You can always change source and destination chains in "You sell" and "You buy" dropdown lists. Each chain swap requires wallet approval;
  2. 10.
    Once preparations are done, click "Swap" button;
  1. 11.
    Click "Approve" button and confirm the transaction in the pop-up window of your wallet, and set the gas limit if necessary;
  2. 12.
    Wait for a couple of minutes, depending on route complexity. While waiting, you can view the transaction on the scanner;
  1. 13.
    After each part has been completed, the swap was successful, and eventually you will see the green check on your screen. Click “Done” or “View on Explorer” to see your transaction details. That's it!